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Judas Mystery

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ISBN-13: 9781851751099
Published: 01/05/1997
Product description
The Judas Mystery is an intriguing mystery centred on the shadowy figure of Judas Iscariot. However, study of Judas is not an end in itself. The events of the story introduce students to some of the historical questions concerning New Testament interpretation. The Mysteries Series is ideal for developing literacy in the upper primary, middle or lower secondary school in addition to its use in RE.
Customer Reviews
Extended Information

Would your pupils cheer or groan if you asked them to read a book about the background to the New Testament? They will read such passages in the The Judas Mystery with concentration and enthusiasm, because they may hold a vital clue for solving the mystery in hand.

This series challenges the reader to solve the mystery by taking on the role of detective and every page or two deciding what to do next. They then turn to the page indicated to find out the consequences of their choice. Loops are built into the stories so that all pupils will read most of the options. The books may be used in various ways. Particularly in this case:

•   to introduce a new RE module in an unexpected way

Other ideas are included in teacher's notes at the back of the books.