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Riddle of Destiny

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ISBN-13: 9781851752850
Published: 01/01/2000
Product Reviews

“There is a fresh feel to this work: challenging and reflective questions, the chance to use literacy strategies for real RE and an integrity in the way the stories are approached, combine to make an exciting set of links between the narratives and the pupils.”

Lat Blaylock in TES Teacher - reviewing the Biblos Secondary Curriculum Resources

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Extended Information

The Biblos Secondary Curriculum Resources, 3 Pupils’ Books are each based on one of the three Biblos themes. These relate to natural preoccupations of pupils of all ages, such as:
•   Vulnerability: New situations and starts; insiders/outsiders, fears about not coping, being manipulated by others, of being a victim; the vulnerability of loving.
•   Encounter: How can I manage my encounters with my peer group (bullying, boy/girlfriend etc.)? How do I cope with traumatic experiences? With new and unpredicted situations?
•   Destiny: What do I want to be (job, personal attributes)? What do I want the world to be? What happens when people die? Are we fated to do things? To what extent are we programmed by our genes?

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The Biblos Project is a partnership between Bible Society and the University of Exeter School of Education and Lifelong Learning.