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More Assemblies for Primary Schools - Spring Term

Spring Term


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ISBN-13: 9781851753574
Published: 19/06/2008
Product description

70 assemblies on seasonal themes as well as topics relevant to todaya's children, e.g.: Stories of Christian charities working with animals, the environment and children in need, religious stories behind everyday items in supermarkets such as Heinz foods, Huntley & Palmers biscuits.

Each assembly consists of the following sections:

  • You will need
  • Introduction
  • Core material
  • Reflection
  • Prayer
  • Useful websites

There is a general introduction and a thematic index to assist assembly planning.

Author Information

Margaret Cooling

Margaret Cooling has taught both primary and secondary pupils and has written over forty books on various aspects of RE and collective worship. She is a part-time lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire and a freelance trainer and writer who works for schools, education authorities, dioceses, churches and other organisations.

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